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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My kids just love Camping!
5 minutes after we arrived, 
my son (8) had brought a 1metre long dead eel to the campsite.
Half an hour later, he returned wearing this

A cow pelvis makes great headwear!
And yes, we did have to bring it home with us.
Along with a few vertebrae and a snake skin.

The Property (belonging to my husbands' family) 
is beautiful and has creeks and waterfalls.
It is in the Hinterland north of Maleny.

We were lucky to have perfect camping weather
How beautiful has this weather been?!
After a depressing, wet summer we are now experiencing 
beautiful weather.

Our evenings were spent around the fire.
The kids toasted Marshmallows
and my son, wrong place wrong time 
had a burning glow stick land onto his arm and melt into his skin!

He's had a de-tipped finger, a broken collarbone,
Septicemia, a hernia operation & numerous other ailments & injuries,
so what's a 3rd degree burn??
I was furious with the 12 year old who flicked it on his arm!!!!

Despite the injury, we all had a ball

We returned home to find some colour in our garden too!

My project over the next few weeks is to
complete our little courtyard. 
Vertical Garden, Pots & Plants, etc.
It's only a small area but it can be seen from the kitchen,
living and dining rooms.

Any ideas from you creative people 
would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

We saw these little bundles of cuteness
being sold at a shopping centre near Sydney.
My kids and I were devastated 
that we couldn't bring 1 or 2 home with us.

Unfortunately Queensland doesn't allow 
such adorable pets.

I had to prize these ones from Billie & Maggie!

What are your plans for Easter?
We are going camping in the Hinterland
between Maleny & Montville.

I'll take some photos of the tent as I know you'll
be super jealous of the luxurious accomodation.

The kids will build bonfires, toast marshmallows,
kill cane toads, swim in the creek and get filthy dirty
just as kids should.
There will be a ban on all things electronic.

I'm sure there'll be much chocolate & wine consumed.
Let's hope for all our sakes that the weather stays beautiful.

I'm packing my new Gumboots
courtesy of Motorline Mini Garage.

I've traded in my X5 for a Mini Countryman like this

It should arrive in a few weeks (I can't wait!!)

It's stage one of project downsize!

Whatever you are doing
Stay Safe, Enjoy time with your loved ones
and eat plenty of Chocolate
I want no talk of Calories or post Easter guilt please!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Design Tips

My design tips are by no means groundbreaking,
these are just some of the design principals I like to follow.

After visiting Europe, UK and USA late last year
I am all inspired to build again!

Keep it Simple (my favourite)

This is one of the many amazing houses on the Island of
Panarea which is part of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily
and home of the best Granita in the world!

This simple structure at Isola Bella in Taormina, Sicily
was a cafe by day and a restaurant/cocktail bar by night.

This type of structure is inexpensive and easy to build.
Drape fabric, click-clack decking and voila!

Go Organic

You all know I'm a huge fan of organic finishes.
They are in Croatia too!

This was the indoor pool at our hotel in Dubrovnik
Stone, Timber, and organic shape make a very calming space.


Lighting is so important,
especially when you have a beautiful wall (hundreds of years old) 
like this to show off!

This was the living room in our hotel in Split, Croatia
It is an old palace. The interior has a mix of old & new (which I love)

Mix Old & New

 This is a restaurant 'Dracone' in the old town of
Vieste in Puglia, Italy
These restaurants are enoteca built in old caves.
Amazing food & Vino!!!

I love how they keep the old caves untouched and add simple furniture
and amazing lighting. That Chandelier is stunning against the old stone.

And in an amazing location like Positano
where the view is the hero, the lighting should be kept simple.

I love the Yellow and White awnings.

Embrace the Overgrown

 This was our pool on the island of Lipari, Sicily
Aussies would rip all of that beautiful Ivy down!
I love it. A. has heart palpitations 
whenever I suggest planting it at the House.

Why do our husbands love their whipper-snippers
so much?
Some people like to see a perfectly manicured garden,
but I'm not one of them.

I think Ivy looks great on this new building (in Dubrovnik) too.

This is a restaurant in Lipari.
Very simple. Incredible food. 
White Furniture and Ivy everywhere.

This beauty is in Taormina

Use Colour

The buildings in the old town of Vieste, Italy are white
with varying shades of blue & green shutters & doors.

I love how the rendering on the house above is perfect 
and the paint on the shutters is weathered

This house has imperfect render and perfect door and shutters.

You know I'm Mrs Neutral,
but do as I say, and not as I do and use colour (in moderation). 
We all know that colour looks better 
on a neutral base regardless.

Love Ceramics

There's something very special about hand made ceramics.
Next time I'm sending a container back!

I fell in love with this one in Taormina.
Look at the colour! 
It was only 20 euros (and about $200 to post home)[sob]

This was hand painted in Pescichi, Italy.
There were cafes there with ceramics covering the walls
and ceiling. 

Make the Most of a View

Another amazing part of the world.. Capri
I can taste the Prosecco now!

If you have a view, enjoy it
and if you don't have a view, create one.
Pergola, fabric, plants......

Consider plants carefully

Never plant Cacti at your front door
like they did in Capo Vaticano!

Have a great week!
Ciao Ciao


Sunday, March 18, 2012

The House & Beyond

Hello Everyone!
After months of technical nightmares, our new modem has arrived.

I still have some travel pics to share with you, 
but here's a tiny snippet of what's been happening at the House & Beyond

 As some of you already know
I am an Ambassador for Olay Total Effects.
I had another shoot in Sydney last November.

The photo shoots are always a lot of fun
it's great catching up with the other 6 ambassadors
and Olay is a great product to endorse.
 This one was video footage for the nine msn website
and I was NERVOUS!!!
A 40 minute one take, unrehearsed video (Yikes!!)
It will be on the website soon. 
I'm not sure if I want to see it?!

After the shoot we ate at China Doll, which was divine.
Good Charlotte were there & so was Hamish!

The House saw a few more parties and has passed the party test.
Apart from a few scratches on the dance floor/living room floor
it has held up very well!

This was a Melbourne Cup party we had.

I went to Coffs Harbour for a weekend away with my old school
girlfriends. We stayed right on the beach & rained all weekend.
When all else fails, just drink Cocktails!
I haven't laughed so much for a long time!

I do still love the beach on a cloudy, rainy day.
Without the rain, there would be no rainbow
These light shades were in a cute little cafe 
at the Jetty in Coffs. I like!!

We spend a few weeks in Sydney & on the central coast over Christmas
and fell in love with Sydney again.
 We house sit a friend's house every year near Manly.
There are some very, very cool little hangouts in Manly now.
I think I could live there.
This is at The Manly Pantry. We also loved Hemmingways.
Santa gave my daughter this Blue Nail Polish.
I think he meant to give it to me, so we are 'sharing' it.

My daughter's favourite chef is Adriano Zumbo
has a Patisserie in Manly, 
so when B. saw this she asked when we were moving!

Mum & Dad live at Point Frederick north of Sydney.
It's always so good spending time there with the family.
We go sailing in Dad's boat, surf, eat lots of scrumptious food,
& drink lots of wine & coffee.
 There were 7 beautiful handmade stockings under the tree this year

Mum & Dad's house is filled with gorgeous things & amazing food
I hope the sun is shining where you are. 
I'm not sure what happened to summer this year, last year & the year before?? 
The weather in Brisbane has been crap one day and shit the next!

The year is flying, isn't it!
I can't believe it's almost easter.
It's been very busy for us on the building & interior design & decorating front.
More on that soon.

Thanks so much to new friends who are following my blog.
I'll do my best to get back up to speed!!


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