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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Roof

The Rain came down, but the roof still went on!
It's a tradition for the kids to get up on the roof of every new home we build. It's their way of 'bonding' with the house I suppose.
Not a bad view of the city from here but have a look at that angry sky!

The roofers started on the Wednesday morning but left at Midday when it poured for 5 hours straight. 
A. was not happy.... I was not happy. 
If the roof didn't go on by the weekend we were in a world of hurt.

On the Thursday morning it was threatening to storm all day (hence the angry sky). It rained on and off all day, but the roofers got it done by that afternoon. Thank god the roof is just one big rectangle!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Other Projects

We built this Guest House (which also holds cooking & art classes) in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland 2 years ago.  

After seeing the site and plans (and the distance to travel from Brisbane every day) I wasn't keen to take it on.  There were two houses on the one site... a guest house on the top (mostly hanging off the side of the mountain), and an arthouse half way down the site.  Access was tricky so it was going to be a challenge.

We knew it would be exhausting...and it was...however, the end result looked fantastic. 

Doesn't that photo just make you want to tuck in?!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmas Goodies

Unfortunately for the kids (who have finished school for the year), I am still working for the next couple of weeks.  
Miss "I'm soooooo bored" Billie decided that she would get Crafty and Christmassy.
 This is the environmentally-friendly wreath made from shopping bags, a second hand ribbon and a dry-cleaning coat hanger. She made a similar one last year however it has fallen apart (which I guess is a good sign as it means that some shopping bags really DO break down). 

The Grey goes perfectly with our curtains don't you think?
Billie & Remy assembled and decorated the tree by themselves and I think they did a fantastic job! I gave up on trying to 'control' the tree a couple of years ago. 
I did withhold a few mismatching ornaments this year & also let B. run with her Red theme rather than my usual Pink and Silver colour scheme. 

Most of the decorations are from IKEA (god bless) and the rest have been gifted by friends over the years.
Nothing like a bit of tree making out of old magazines. 
This keeps B. busy and boredom free for a while! 
I am an obsessive recycler (much to my husbands disgust!), so I keep everything until I can either re-use, recycle or donate it. This is another reason why I love op-shopping and giving to charity rather than binning. 

In a consumer society we all must do a little to cut down on waste :)

Speaking of recycling... check out this bookshelf from Coco Republic.
It's made from a drum & would look excellent in R's room. 
He does have a keen interest in learning how to play the drums, so I fear that this bookshelf may get emptied and used for it's original purpose instead of a bookshelf.
Here are some more wreath ideas from the latest Inside Out Magazine.
This linen advent calendar is just too cute!
I was planning on making this however, December 1 just snuck up on me. 

There's always next year...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scaffolding, Doors & Windows

When the scaffolding goes up it's game on!! Scaffold hire is extremely expensive, so excuse me for being Captain Cranky Pants when it rains.
 The doors & windows in our bedroom were the first to be put in. 
Look at A. pretending to be deep in thought.
It's really important to put quality doors and windows in your house. We love to use green float. Tinted windows are a must in Queensland (plus I love the colour!)
The kids get so excited when the Scaff goes up. They are the first ones up the stairs to have a really good look around.

Progress despite the rain!

It is now school holidays for my darlings so I will spend less time running around like a headless chook and more time working from home and hopefully have time to blog!  It's been a manic few weeks all round so I'll do my best to get you all up to speed. 
Now... Where was I?.....
 The front block walls were built this day (including letterbox) and the roof trusses were completed.
 The boys are standing on the roof trusses building the outriggers (2 storeys high... which makes me nervous!)
Looking back towards the dining room from the living area. The negative waterproofing to the zero boundary walls (kitchen) has been completed. It's very rare to see a dry site at the moment. The rain is really starting to get depressing now... however, we are making progress despite the rain! A's favourite quote at the moment is "it's a passing shower"... in other words... "boys... you are NOT going ANYWHERE!"
 The left hand side is the entry and the right is our garage. I had to design our front door a few days ago. I  started with plan A, then went to plan B, C D & E only to go back to plan A!  You would think that by now I would trust my instincts more.  It is going to be a large pivot door made from red cedar with 3 narrow vertical (off centre) green float panels. I'm still trying to decide what to do with that block wall?
 Our house looking from our neighbour/client's house. I like what I see so far!
 Looking West... that's the kitchen, courtyard, dining, living and our bedroom & bathroom.
Our bedroom/veranda
 Looking East at the kids' and guest bedrooms
This is where my Allegro light will go.
 I am still loving my bedroom!
 The Cabinet makers getting ready for a meeting with me. I've had one showroom and one site meeting and I think we're almost there! It helps when you know exactly what you want!
We designed our kitchen and then saw an almost identical one in Vogue Living. It was Matt Moran's kitchen. I met Matt Moran at Libertines one night and he wasn't overly friendly... but since we clearly have the same taste in kitchens I'm willing to forgive him for his rudeness (just this once ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stay with me

Hello :)
I apologise for not keeping you up to date. I have been so unbelievably busy that I haven't had time to post. The school year finishes tomorrow, so I promise I will add all of the new pics very soon. Thanks for being patient.

1. We have a lid!! Our roof went on between the downpours.
2. We were thieved! They cut our electrical wires (apparently to get money for the copper?)
3. I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly Season

Well, silly season is well and truly upon us and let me tell you... I am exhausted!! Already!

This is the last 2 weeks of the school year and with all of the Ballet Concerts and breakup parties, swimming carnivals, Christmas concerts, gift buying, Birthday Parties, Nipper carnivals... (and that's just the kids).... I'm in need of a holiday!

We have had numerous 40ths, 50ths, weddings, Christmas Parties and not to mention... building 4 houses and renovating one and no I'm not complaining.... just stating that like pretty much everyone at this time of year, I'm bloody tired. 

I spent a few hours on site today doing a consultation and then walking through our house just thinking 'I LOVE this  house.... already'. I took plenty of photos however, after one Chivas I am ready for bed (at 8pm!), so stay tuned for the updates in the next few days. 

I have to say that even though the house is merely timber frames and block walls, it is taking on a most beautiful form and I just can't wait to move in.

For those of you who read my blog, but still haven't formalised our relationship... please officially "follow me"... so I know who I am talking to.  Also thanks for the positive feedback some of you have given me on the blog... I respond very well to a little positive reinforcement on the days that I feel like I'm stuck in quick-sand. 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

another rainy day

OK the rain is really starting to get my goat!
Progress can still be made on my behalf with our house and client houses.  A. found a very sexy bath-tub which I won't show you just yet, as well as a very cool charcoal basin (possibly for the powder room).
This is the bathroom at Reece in James Street. I love it. The tiles are gorgeous! Texture, texture, texture...

I was a little peckish after a 3 hour client consultation so I wandered down to James Street. I love the Valley for house stuff... SPACE, Lumin8, ECC Lighting, Vanguard, Rogerseller, Eco Outdoor, Majer Tiles & Carpet Choice (just to name a few) all in one very small radius.  I even found some Street Art.
 The turquoise Hummingbird is my favourite
I walked past Cru Bar on my way to get my $12 Wrap & Juice deal for lunch and saw Collette Dinnigan...
 "Hi Collette... Sorry, I'm really busy doing house stuff, I'll catch you later"

I spotted these amazing Peonies. 
 This gorgeous birdcage is at Libertine Parfumerie
 This lamp was given to me as a gift. It's a Reader's Digest 'World Antique Spot Globe' and was bought at a garage sale on Bribie Island. I think she's a little beauty!
I love Bribie for its 60's vibe. My stash of Doilies came from an antique shop there. My in-laws live on Bribie in a little 70's Beach House and there are Retro Treasures all over the house.
Just thought I'd add a pic of my world famous Risotto.  I've been making this for many years & I have to say I've perfected it. I was super happy with myself for this one.

Hopefully the rain will P off soon and I'll have some building progress to report. 
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