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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tile selection & the colour green

I am very happy with my final tile selections. Here they are...

Main bathroom & our ensuite
How gorgeous is that battered marble?!!

  Guest Bathroom
 Powder room

Our Balcony & Pool surround
(the deck will be done in 'Black bean' Modwood)

  Pool water-wall & a section of the front fence
(I have some vintage fabric like this)
The front fence will look a bit like this 
(this is my friend's house)

The driveway is yet to be decided... 
possibly charcoal granite cobbles or exposed aggregate??
I love these red cedar gates too.

Green is the colour of Life.
Green can make us feel balanced.
I have a bit of a green obsession at the moment.

 This reminds me that I have to find a Singapore Frangipani for our front yard
Green plants with grey fences are my favourite
Our beautiful Murano glass vase (bought in Murano, when we visited Venice in 2007)
Eames Pottery and a piece of coral that I bought at Vinnies last week for $8.
 My favourite cushion that my mum bought me will be coming to the new house.
See how green goes with just about every colour!
 Look at this very cute tea set I bought at Lifeline last week for $16
I love this vintage green colour
Great colour scheme... 
 All you need is a touch of green
 Look how these plants lift the room
 I loved this green Apaiser bath, but Adam wasn't convinced, so it stays at Rogerseller.

This house reminds me of the Sugarcube!
Sometimes all you need is one beautiful tree...
 The Ivy gets it right with a neutral base & a splash of colour
Here's a waterlily for my lovely blog followers 
(thank you Dee, Rose and Nat for your lovely compliments)
This lily had me in a trance.
(captured by the amazing iphone4)

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Friday, February 25, 2011


The renderers were there again today. Actually, there were about 30 people there today!
Renderers by the dozen, plasterers, chippies, cabinet makers, the builder/project manager (Adam), a client wanting advice about blinds & gates, and myself. 
I helped a friend with her exterior colours today... (it's always best to catch me when I'm on a roll). 
She asked me if I had a busy day ahead of me & then laughed when I said, "no pretty quiet....I just have to......."
Some times days like today stress me out. But today I was on a roll, and feel that I was able to tick a lot off my list!
The cabinet maker did the measure up today and it took 6 hours!!!
 Lovely lovely render
 This is the steel that will hold the blades on the side of the house.
Pretty heavy duty!
 The renderers were working to beat the storm last week. 
Thankfully there was no damage.

'Disco' dave was there singing at the top of his voice. 
It's good to have happy tradies!
 Our bedroom balcony pre-render
 Adam has really outdone himself with those angles & our renderer has done a great job (as always) to enhance them. 
 Plasterers at work whilst I "um & er" about light choice, size & placement
 This is the stair landing and the bridge looking towards our bedroom (west)
 Living & kitchen
 The scaff's still there. 
The Jigsaw Puzzle
The house is really quiet. 
We spend a lot of money on insulation as we think it's so important to have your little cocoon.
We do the same for clients. 
Building inspectors & evaluators don't believe that this increases the value of a home, however I'll argue this til I'm blue in the face!
 Getting there.....
The 'viewfinders' on our balcony are angled too!


GOMA & Tangalooma

GOMA has re-opened after the floods & we didn't waste any time getting back there. We love that place!
 Budding designers/builders
 Divine colours!
 Love these!
Notice that there are more adults playing with the Lego than children.

There is so much to see and do there and the building itself is a design masterpiece. 
Get there soon to see the room of little birds that make music.

We went to Tangalooma (Moreton Island) for the day and took our Italian friends Mauro & Giulio.
It was the first time I'd been to Tangalooma and I fell in love with it!!
I can't believe that such a wild & beautiful place is just on our doorstep!

It helped that the weather was sensational.
We all rode our boogie boards down this sand dune!
It was sooo much fun and made us feel like kids again.
 There were beautiful starfish everywhere
How gorgeous is this light?!
Remind you of something?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tiles tiles tiles.....

Nothing does my head in more than choosing tiles!
It's fun, but excruciating at the same time.
Just when I think I've got it sorted I change my mind.
 Remember I saw these in the bathroom at Reece?
I found the creamy grey version which go well with a multi-grey tile that I've chosen.
I think I'm going to put these on the wall behind the kids' bath. I have had some recessed strip lighting put in to highlight the texture.
 This bathroom in Living etc. looks great too.
Marble..... I love this!
These are also the basins we are using. They are the Ovo basins from Minosa
 These are the tiles I really love...

Multi-Grey Marble 'Wave'(an option for the kids' bath wall)
The only trouble with this one is that the new batch looks kind of pink.... so, no!

Multi-Grey Polished and Antique (Ensuite, Main, Guest and Laundry)
and the Pietra Grey Marble (for the staircase and the powder room)
 The Pietra Grey Marble was my first 'definite'
We got the idea from UK Grand designs
 I do like this limestone (I like Travertine too, but we've had that before)
 I'd like a rock wall somewhere as it's already on our "back" fence near the boardwalk.
I wonder if it would go OK on our pool water-wall with water running over it??
I'm going to call Eco Outdoor today to find out.
These tiles at the Pool tile company were a nice grey too.

Choices, Choices!!!
I really need to make a decision in the next 2 days.
My main stumbling block is what to put with the Pietra Grey Marble in the powder room (it is going on the back wall and the benchtop) and I need something dark to go on the floor and other walls. I've looked Everywhere!! Help!!!

I'd love your feedback.
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