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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tile selection & the colour green

I am very happy with my final tile selections. Here they are...

Main bathroom & our ensuite
How gorgeous is that battered marble?!!

  Guest Bathroom
 Powder room

Our Balcony & Pool surround
(the deck will be done in 'Black bean' Modwood)

  Pool water-wall & a section of the front fence
(I have some vintage fabric like this)
The front fence will look a bit like this 
(this is my friend's house)

The driveway is yet to be decided... 
possibly charcoal granite cobbles or exposed aggregate??
I love these red cedar gates too.

Green is the colour of Life.
Green can make us feel balanced.
I have a bit of a green obsession at the moment.

 This reminds me that I have to find a Singapore Frangipani for our front yard
Green plants with grey fences are my favourite
Our beautiful Murano glass vase (bought in Murano, when we visited Venice in 2007)
Eames Pottery and a piece of coral that I bought at Vinnies last week for $8.
 My favourite cushion that my mum bought me will be coming to the new house.
See how green goes with just about every colour!
 Look at this very cute tea set I bought at Lifeline last week for $16
I love this vintage green colour
Great colour scheme... 
 All you need is a touch of green
 Look how these plants lift the room
 I loved this green Apaiser bath, but Adam wasn't convinced, so it stays at Rogerseller.

This house reminds me of the Sugarcube!
Sometimes all you need is one beautiful tree...
 The Ivy gets it right with a neutral base & a splash of colour
Here's a waterlily for my lovely blog followers 
(thank you Dee, Rose and Nat for your lovely compliments)
This lily had me in a trance.
(captured by the amazing iphone4)

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..and if you're reading regularly but not officially following me 
(not mentioning any names MM)... what are you waiting for? :-)



  1. I am so into green right now - must be spring in the air! thanks for the mention in your blog roll! And i love your tile selections, too bad you couldn't bring the mr. around on that tub!

  2. love the cushion!!!!!!!!!!!! mine was a pressie from old Mr FF xx

  3. You're welcome A-M! Loving the colour on your blog. The tub he suggested is a work of art also, so I was willing to forgive him!

    FF your Mr has the taste! It's great when a gifted cushion is the perfect piece. xx

  4. That vintage tea set is amazing! Thanks for visiting olive & joy today.

  5. You are very welcome Julie. I just love your blog.
    The tea set had my name on it!
    Thanks for following the house.


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