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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tiles tiles tiles.....

Nothing does my head in more than choosing tiles!
It's fun, but excruciating at the same time.
Just when I think I've got it sorted I change my mind.
 Remember I saw these in the bathroom at Reece?
I found the creamy grey version which go well with a multi-grey tile that I've chosen.
I think I'm going to put these on the wall behind the kids' bath. I have had some recessed strip lighting put in to highlight the texture.
 This bathroom in Living etc. looks great too.
Marble..... I love this!
These are also the basins we are using. They are the Ovo basins from Minosa
 These are the tiles I really love...

Multi-Grey Marble 'Wave'(an option for the kids' bath wall)
The only trouble with this one is that the new batch looks kind of pink.... so, no!

Multi-Grey Polished and Antique (Ensuite, Main, Guest and Laundry)
and the Pietra Grey Marble (for the staircase and the powder room)
 The Pietra Grey Marble was my first 'definite'
We got the idea from UK Grand designs
 I do like this limestone (I like Travertine too, but we've had that before)
 I'd like a rock wall somewhere as it's already on our "back" fence near the boardwalk.
I wonder if it would go OK on our pool water-wall with water running over it??
I'm going to call Eco Outdoor today to find out.
These tiles at the Pool tile company were a nice grey too.

Choices, Choices!!!
I really need to make a decision in the next 2 days.
My main stumbling block is what to put with the Pietra Grey Marble in the powder room (it is going on the back wall and the benchtop) and I need something dark to go on the floor and other walls. I've looked Everywhere!! Help!!!

I'd love your feedback.

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