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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Last week my lovely and very creative blogger/interior designer friend Kristie from Elements at Home presented me with a Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you K, I'm absolutely chuffed!!

Elements at Home has become a style guide for me since landing in the blog world. Thank You Kristie for continuing to Inspire me. 

Part of accepting this award is to reveal 7 things about me. So here goes...

1.  I'm slightly obsessed with design. When I enter a shop, bar, restaurant, house or any building I spend much of my time taking in the design elements. It takes 30 seconds of my time if I'm not inspired by what I see or 30minutes or more if I am. So if you want my undivided attention, please don't take me anywhere really cool!
(I didn't catch a word my husband said at The Ivy in Sydney!)

2.  I have a weakness for cocktails... namely fruity Martini (French, Lychee, Mandarine & Passionfruit). Put a martini in front of me and you won't see it long enough to admire its hue!

3.  I'm an Olay Total Effects Ambassador. I first appeared in Marie Claire 10 years ago to launch the product and have been using Olay ever since (truly).

As a family we also do Television commercials and photoshoots. I'm always a mum (I only have one look!). The most enjoyable commercial I did was for Michel's Pattisserie where I was paid to flirt with a very handsome [pretend] barista. 

4.  I love photography. I never go anywhere without at least one camera (sometimes 3!). 

5.  I love travelling. I have visited about 18 countries and we are currently planning a 2 month trip this year to Italy, Croatia, London, New York & San Francisco.
My favourites are Positano, Barcelona, Paris, Prague, Austria and Turkey.
You only live once... I enjoy moving every few years. If I had to live in the same house/neighbourhood/town all of my life I'd have to give myself a good kick up the bum! It would bore me to tears.

6.  Before I injured my back I was a very good sportsperson. I used to row surf boats, sprint, long jump, waterski & kick a soccer ball very well.
Eventually (maybe soon) I will have a back operation. At the moment I am too chicken.

7.  I have 2 beautiful children Billie and Remo (and a fantastic husband) who I love more than anything.

I will now present a Stylish Blogger Award of my own to my talented Sister in law Nina. Nina has a blog called Unusual Bird. Apart from being one of the most creative people I know she has brought my niece and nephew into the world who are just divine little people.


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