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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Honey, I'm home

Hi all,
I'm back! It's been a busy few weeks packing/moving/unpacking,
but I feel like I'm getting to the end of it now!
I can't park my car in the garage yet and there are a few things left to finish off but,
It is SO good to be here!!

The kids LOVE the new house and "never, ever want to move"
I'm waiting on my Bocci lights for above the kitchen bench
and I'm yet to choose a coffee machine
(& as you can see, there's also a cupboard door missing)

This area is big enough for 2 stools

The new stools are great (super comfy too)

I have the white backing curtain closed today as the westerlies 
are here and it's FREEZING outside!
 The wall above the bar/sideboard will be getting a mirror on it very soon
I was so excited to put our 'things' on the shelves!
That 'thing' on the bench is not a dead cat,
ok, ok.. it's just a dead racoon....
it's a Daniel Boon hat that our friend brought back from America for us.
It's the 'house cat.. I mean hat'

If you come over for a glass of something, you will be required 
to pose for a picture wearing it for our visitors book.
We love our floors

 Do you think our front door handle is big enough?
 The study.. looking very bare (for now)

The downstairs powder room is nice and dark
and needs a sexy mirror
and a shower screen

 This is the entry cupboard,
so no more kid's school bags in the pantry
or shoes piled up at the front door!

I have to say that I absolutely adore our ensuite!
It's possibly my favourite room in the house.
It has a heating/a/c duct, speakers (sonos) and a heated towel rack
and I am high-fiving myself for my tile/cabinetry/colour selection.

The bathtub hasn't been plumbed yet. 
It took 5 men to move it into the bathroom yesterday (I couldn't watch!)

 The kid's bathroom looks great too. 
There's still some finishing to do in there yet

This is all I can show you of the walk-in-robe
the rest of it is a MESS!

I love the bookshelf in our bedroom
(and the cupboards underneath are empty!!)
Too much storage? I don't think so :)

 There'll be more pics to come as I decorate. 
I'd love some ideas from all of you creative interior designers out there!

I'll post more pics of the outside soon too
...don't be fooled by the clear blue sky,
the wind is HOWLING out there!
Stay Warm.
Thanks a bunch for your comments. x


  1. Exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting! The house looks fantastic, Jodie. I'm going to have a closer look at all the photos when I'm not surrounded by munchkins. That can be my before bedtime treat!



  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!! You must be so proud of yourself!!! It all looks amazing!!!!

  3. Thanks M & B, We are very happy with it :) It'll take a little time to furnish & decorate. A work in progress! x

  4. Congratulations Jodie, you home looks amazing! Enjoy living there and soaking up all the great work you put in. ;-)

  5. Your home looks fantastic. I love it!!! The floors, colours, everything. Looks very warm and welcoming. You must be so happy to finally move in. Enjoy! KP

  6. Jodie, this is truly stunning <3 I can understand your kids about not moving away :) Who wouldn't like to live here? Great work! Can't wait to see what mirror will you choose for above the sideboard. The outside it's intriguing me :) more pics please? :) oooh suspense! Xoxo

    - Urska @

  7. Love your final kitchen splash choice. With the lighting it has a slightly olive green tint to it, looks gorgeous with the veneer! Can't wait to see it with bocci lights, they will be divine!

  8. Thanks Jenny, KP, Urska & Tinky for your lovely comments. xox
    Any ideas for a mirror Urska? We've looked at a few but have been bowled over yet. We need one for the powder-room too.
    Tinky, I ended doing a Zeus painted glass splash and yes, it changes colour during the day. Very happy with it! Come over soon (have you chosen your veneer yet?)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I got so excited when I found your latest post today! I've been really looking forward to seeing more pictures! It all looks very cohesive and beautiful! Congratulations! I love all the detailing and thoughtful ideas too - they make an enormous difference to the final finish of the house. Can't believe you've only just mooved in either... you HAVE been working hard!!!!I can't wait till I'm in the same situ! :-)

  11. It's looking amazing Jodie. And so interesting to have read how it's all come together. That hat is hilarious.

  12. Thanks KL, I've ended getting sick because I was so run down after moving (the celebratory champagne had NOTHING to do with it of course!)
    Mrs Catch, The hat is toasty on these chilly days, but I dare not wear it outside the house... therefore... "Welcome... now try on the hat!"

  13. wow! what a great backyard - I've just discovered your blog today and look forward to seeing more updates as you unpack :)

  14. Jodie - the house looks AMAZING! Congratulations on all your hard work and design. JG

  15. Hey Jodie, the house looks great!! Love the bathrooms thanks for supporting locally designed & manufactured products.

  16. Thanks for following my blog Alecia! I love your blog too!
    Thanks for your lovely comments JG and Minosa.

  17. Jodie, do you mind me asking what the brand and model of your kitchen handles is?

  18. Jodie - your house is GORGEOUS! I love a clever storage bits you've worked in, and the classic, crisp palette you've chosen - it really suits the home. I am always impressed by your talents.

  19. I read your comment about the grey post over at my blog - Just tried to send you an email but can't find it here? Could you send it to me? amezeard@10rooms.ca

  20. Thank You so much Anne-Marie! I loved your Grey post! The colour combo's a fantastic! Have emailed you :)

  21. your house looks very beautiful. do you ind me asking where you got your timber floors from? will they be available in sydney?

  22. Thank you. We got our floors through Gekko flooring and the timber is from bog river timbers. If you google both of these you should be able to find some contact numbers. Good luck.

  23. Sorry, auto correct... BIG river timbers! Not bog :-)


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