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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We love it!

We are loving our new home & neighbourhood!
We've had lots of visitors which has been great.
The sunsets are beautiful
and the deck by the river boardwalk is a great place to be
at any time of the day
 My friend & neighbour gave me these beautiful flowers.
Gotta love these coral Glady's 
(thanks Sam. x)

 The kids are very happy here.
As expected, the Hub of the home/Kitchen Bench is a high traffic area.
 I love winter days like this!
 The vanguard roof system has been really good for capturing the winter sun
(and will look even better with outdoor curtains hanging from it)
 There's a little more painting to be done
however, we are further down the 'to do' list than we were last week.

 When the storage shed gets built it will house bikes, 
scooters, lawn mowers and "stuff" that makes a house look untidy!
We're hiding the pool pumps too, because they aren't pretty to look at!
This is our clients' house (next door)
It looks great, and they are very happy. 
They were really good to work with. I like nice clients!

This is the view from the BarBQ area.
Our first meal (Overseas friends look away now)... 
Did you hear about that Kangaroo that beat up the dear old lady
while she hung out the washing??
This is why the angry Kangaroos should be eaten!!
They are lean, high in Protein and Iron and really delicious.

A racoon house hat, Kangaroo on the Barbie... friends, we ARE animal lovers!
 The modwood deck is almost finished.
I think it took about 10 times longer to install than a timber one!

 Remember my Bocci lights (with a 12 week lead time)?
They are on Australian soil and heading my way in the next couple of days!!
I'm so excited!!


Thank you so much for your comments!


  1. ThankYou B! Yours is coming along nicely too I see. x

  2. Absolutely stunning!! I wish we were are sorted as you guys are - and we moved in almost 8 weeks ago ;) LOL

  3. What's not to love! Congratulations on the completion of another stand out project.

  4. Thank You Shayne! Your house is looking great too!!
    Thanks Abigail, you're very sweet. x

  5. Nice to see you taking time to enjoy that beautiful vista! It all looks gorgeous too! Can't wait to see those lights, they'll really finish the room! So good that the children have settled and love the need abode too. Can't get better that that!!!

  6. love the coral gladys! Your home looks great, very warm & inviting. Love the photos. KP

  7. Absolutely stunning. Loved looking at your pics and following your blog.


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