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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Onwards & Upwards

 We have stairs!
 They will be slightly darker when stained
 It took 10 men to install them.
I think they look fantastic... very happy!

The flooring arrived today too..... it's all happening!
We are using Blackbutt panels again because we LOVE them!
We use them in all of our own houses.
We used a gloss finish in the Sugarcube however,
 due to the West aspect here we will use a satin finish.
I really don't fancy oily mopping them everyday.

This is a client's house in the same street
A. did the exterior colour scheme. I think he missed his calling!
He is a printer... so he does know a 'little' about colour ;)
I worked with the client today on the Interior Colour scheme/tiles and Cabinetry.
She is having a black kitchen with a White Statuario Marble benchtop
and Charcoal Bathrooms with 'Zeus' cabinetry and Carara Marble benchtops.
Very bold & I think (I hope) it'll look great.

The kids are enjoying the holidays playing with cardboard boxes
and in treehouses

Welcome to my newest follower Virginia from
Her blog is full of inspiration and is well worth a look.

Let's hope for sunshine tomorrow :)


  1. Love the stairs, Jodie. I can't see from the photo if the runner butts up against the marble wall? I'm feeling slightly anxious for you RE: staining... Sounds like you have a very pro bunch on the job though, so no doubt it will be fine!


  2. Thanks M,
    The runner does butt up against the marble. A. designed these himself so it was a pleasant surprise to see them today. I'm anxious about a few things at the moment.... Timber colours, tradies damaging plaster work, slow tiling, broken stone. All part of building I guess, but you know what I mean, certain stages are more stressful than others. Fingers crossed there are no hiccups :)

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Did they use Vic Ash for the staircase? Can't wait to see your balustrade :)

    We met our staircase guy last night to finalise our feature step. We will be going for a bullnose profile afterall...

    Can you tell us more about those Blackbutt panels? Are they solid timber?


  4. Thank You B,
    We have used black butt for the stairs this time & we are still deciding what to do for the balustrade.
    I'm glad you've finalised your staircase plans. It's always good to be able to tick something else off the list.

    The flooring is black butt panels 120 x 80 which are peeled from around the tree. We love them! The floors are actually being done this week and I think the flooring downstairs will be layed by tomorrow afternoon which is very exciting! This will also allow us to move forward with everything else :)

  5. That sounds so good. Where do you get your blackbutt panels from? Here in Adelaide Boral sells, solid strip 19mm flooring in 108mm, 130mm and 180mm widths. That's not the same thing is it?

    Do you mind me asking what you meant by this:
    "Due to the West aspect here we will use a satin finish. I really don't fancy oily mopping them everyday"

    Can't wait to see your floor finished :)


  6. So jelaous of your blackbutt stairs :(
    They charge 100% more for blackbutt compared to vic ash here in Adelaide :(
    That's if they can source blackbutt treads, most can't :(

  7. Vic ash is the same colour as the black butt flooring. Our stairs are engineered. Just go with whatever timber matches your floors :)

  8. OOOH, hang on B.... Spotted gum for the staircase!!! (Goes well with a blackbutt floor, however it does depend on the blackbutt colour from your particular area.) Let me know how you go.


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