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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marble Wall

The broken tiles were doing my head in, so I distracted myself with a visit to 
Trekka Imports

I love these rolling pins, especially the magenta ones.
 I love going to Trekka
It's full of treasures.

I LOVE these Chapatti Stamps!
These hooks would look great in the entry
...and you know I'm a sucker for copper pots!
 How amazing are these pilars?!! 
 This is what I bought from there last time.
It's a side table made from reclaimed timber.
Master R thinks it's a great drum & 
A. says, "it doesn't blow my hair back"...
but I like it (and I'm the resident Interior Decorator ;)
We spent the weekend watching A. compete at the Aussies (Australian Surf Life Saving Titles) at Kurrawa. They came 4th in the 160 division, so we were very proud of him!
I told you about how the first batch of Marble was mostly damaged....
Well... the second batch was too..... and then they sent out a third batch with more damaged tiles.
I spend about 2 hours with the tiler going through each tile to see if it could be used, and then on the phone trying to Convince the Supplier to replace the damaged tiles. 
What the????

They'd been packed and handled extremely poorly.
These people clearly have NO respect for Marble!
Eventually we found enough good full tiles to complete the wall
 ...and I have to say
It looks exceptional!!!
(just as well!)
The house is looking handsome too and I'm really falling in love with it
Have a great weekend!

Please comment below. I love your feedback.


  1. Oh that marble wall is looking sooo stunning! Is the grout 1.5mm or thicker?

    Will you have to pay for disposal of all those damaged tiles, or will the supplier take care of that? What a shame so many got damaged :(

    PS. We are still undecided about the stairs :(
    Mr B wants a rounded first step because he thinks it will blend in nicer with the curved void above and also because it's safer. But I'm not keen as I think it will look too... traditional and old fashioned :(

    Loving your front door!!!

    Have an amazing weekend :)


  2. So what's with the marble supplier? It makes you wonder how they run a business... The tiles do look fantastic though. And I can't blame you for falling in love with your home. It's spectacular. xx

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments B! x

    Ask the staircase company to give you some profile options... there may be a compromise? The rest of your house looks quite modern (it's looking great BTW).
    The grout is 1.5mm and we are actually doing it in a mid grey colour rather than dark grey (as there is so much colour variation). Our tiler is such a perfectionist (I love it!).
    We have left the damaged tiles out for the supplier to collect (they asked us to pack the last batch... how rude!!). Considering I bought all of our tiles from them (and have done for years) I'm a) completely unimpressed and b) petrified that this will happen with our other stone. If it does... no more Mrs Nice Guy!!!
    Happy Weekend to you too :)

  4. Thanks Brismod :)
    I know... what is with that??? Customer service zilch!
    There was never an apology (even after I mentioned that their carelessness had held the job up for 2 weeks and cost us $$$). We were getting treated as though it was OUR fault. Very, very disappointing!

    Will keep an eye out for your famous fence!

  5. Stunning!!!!
    I love that wall. You have chosen the perfect colour and yet these suppliers take it all in there stride that it comes it goes out and they got some money, meanwhile it is your hard earned money and it is there good name on the line. Imagine if they were amazing and you were able to give them more work and photos of how there product has been used.
    Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I can see no word of mouth just as powerful.
    Anyway enough about them, how good is your home looking. Wow.
    Do you have a name for tge new home like you have sugercube for the other?
    Have some interested parties but it is definately a buyers market and they are few and far between. But it only takes one right and we are in no rush, so whatever will be will be.
    Have been having a ball planning the next house though. Currently researching self leveling epoxy resin flooring and who is doing it in Perth.......no very common so its been very time consuming.......
    Oh by the way, that store you got your side table from, loving some of those pieces.xK

  6. Thank You K!
    Someone will come along very soon and snap up your gorgeous home!
    In the meantime, glad you're enjoying sinking your teeth into your next project. What are you thinking about doing this time??
    Thanks for your feedback.
    My tile supplier has really let me down alright! We just signed up a few more big projects too... so they could have had a guaranteed 75k minimum... silly buggers!!
    We haven't thought of a name yet? Open to suggestions though :)
    Goodluck with the flooring. It's a great finish & very easy to maintain.

  7. Lovely lovely. BTW that side table is awesome - quirky can dance, as far as I'm concerned.
    Is the front door one big piece? x
    And yes, your Billie does need to meet my Billie. :)

  8. Thanks Meils!
    I'm with you re. quirky!
    The front door is one piece. I just asked for the biggest door possible!
    Your Billie looks divine and would love to come to your hood very soon to get the 2 Billie's together.
    Lots of Love. J xxx

  9. Gorgeous finds! I'm loving the fabulous side table. Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  10. Thank You Kellie! Yes, I think I might need to order a few more of those tables. Bedside, couchside, bathside, a wine table for the deck........:)
    You have a great day too. The weather is divine! Jodie xx

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