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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out & About

The Pietra Grey marble for our staircase arrived last week 
and more than half of the tiles are damaged!
Not Happy Jan!!

The tiler found a bit of Prep work to do, 
but then we were on the phone asking for more tiles... 
Pleeeeeease!!! And tiles that aren't broken would be nice!

I have banned myself from going on site until Monday.
It's a good opportunity to chase up a few other things for the house 
although, as you know, I get very easily distracted...

'On my way' to ecc lighting, Majer tiles and eco outdoor 
I popped into Magnolia Interiors in the Valley (now next to Jocelyn's Provisions)

LOOK at this gorgeous cupboard
My mind was going tick, tick, tick... where could I put this?
 I'm desperate for bedding & throws and these are divine
I went to Cru Bar to have another look at their outdoor curtains
I think the rail should be attached to our Vegola roof like this.
It's a cantilever roof so it makes sense to do this rather than have blinds with cables
I think the fixings are a bit untidy.
I'm sure the Mr & I can come up with a more handsome solution
I went to eco-outdoor to get the names of good stonemasons 
and try & decide which rock wall we should have. 
I'm still not sure??
What do you think?? 
Keep in mind, it will have water running down it into the pool.
This morning I met my friend J at this gorgeous cafe
It has great coffee &  feels European.

Next door there's a nursery with antiques.
I found these very cute pots
This one came home with me!
It was $20!! What a steal!
Now I just need to buy a plant to keep it company.
Street art always distracts me.
This one stands for anti-progress.... 
so NOT me, but I thought the picture was cool :)

Be Happy and Be Kind
(and please leave me a comment)


  1. What a shame about your gorgeous marble tiles being damaged!!! :(

    Can you tell us more about your staircase? :)

    What kind of balustrade etc are you having? Is there a feature first step? We are currently in the process of getting our staircase design finalised and would love to hear your recommendations and what you've done in the past and doing this time :)

    Have an amazing weekend!!!


  2. Hi B!
    Yes, it was devastating & frustrating!
    We always use timber treads for our staircases (and a timber stringer and handrail to match the floors). If you look at the Sugarcube pics you might just see a section of our staircase. We wrapped (plaster) and painted the Sugarcube stairs, which looks nice and neat. It's also good if you have the space to keep it open underneath. If we were staying here I would either
    a) build in underneath with cabinetry for more storage or
    b) put a nice smokey glass wall underneath.
    The Mr thought it would be good to have a garden underneath filled with indoor plants... but we had young children at the time, so I said "no".

    The newbie will have open treads (river view through) and timber treads/stringer. We are not sure what we'll use as a balustrade but I'd like just frameless glass to show off the marble. We try to avoid first steps & landings if we can & keep it as simple as possible.
    Will post pics as soon as I can.
    I'm thinking timber & glass & simple for your house too :)
    J x

  3. Thanks Jodie

    Will try and find a pic of the Sugarcube stairs :)

    We are having an enclosed staircase (pantry is underneath it). We've been quoted for Vic Ash treads and risers, but would like to go with blackbutt flooring throughout the house. Do you think it is possible to get a decent colour match by staining the staircase? We've been told it's extremely difficult and expensive to go have a blackbutt staircase :(

    Mr B wants a glass balustrade and a timber handrail, but we are not sure whether to go with stainless steel or timber posts, or a combination of both. What do you think?

    Our staircase will be quite narrow (only 950mm) so we are thinking a wider first step might make it appear a bit wider? What do you think? If we did have one would you definitively recommend a rectangular shape or rounded? I prefer the look of rectangular but it does look a bit dangerous if you walk into it :)

    Ahh. Decisions decisions :)


  4. Hi Jodie, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I have just had a great read through yours - the house you are building looks gorgeous, and I think you should go for the outdoor curtains, they will look fantastic!
    I too love Magnolia interiors. I didn't know about Egg so thanks for the tip, I will definitely have to visit there soon. Michelle

  5. Sounds divine Jodie. Can't wait to see it finished. Those damaged tiles would have been so frustrating.

  6. I hope your broken tiles are replaced without any hassles, how frustrating! Thanks for all your shopping tips, I must check them out. I like the second rock wall, it is a little different and a nice change. I like the outdoor curtains too, again something a little different. Can't wait to see your amazing home finished and I bet you can't either. ;-)

  7. Hi Jodie! I've saw your blogsite at fabulous K spring party. I find your blogsite interestingly cool and inspiring. Lots of shabby chic treasures I like.
    Continue blogging and inspiring ppl across the globe. =)

  8. Welcome Nean & thanks you all for your lovely feedback.
    I haven't been back on site yet this week will be putting most of my energy into a client's tiles and cabinetry. I might sneak a peek tomorrow?
    It sounds like we are all in favour of the Outdoor Curtains!! Bravissimo!!! :)

    B, we have blackbutt floors but not blackbutt stairs. We find a timber to match. Our blackbutt floors are panels rather than planks so they are darker than the stairs would be.
    The timber posts look good with a timber handrail and glass and I would probably go with a rectangular bottom step if the rest of your house has simple lines. My main philosophy with design is Keep it Simple.
    J xx


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