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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Sugarcube

Hi All,
A few people have been asking me to show them a photo of my laundry.
Here's the Sugarcube Wash house
 I do love having 2 washing machines (although we are not doing it in the next laundry)
My favourite thing is the hanging rail above the bench.
My least favourite thing is the lack of cupboards.
The tiles are great & we've used them in quite a few projects however, they have been discontinued (which is a bummer)
 The Robin Hood ironing board is on the right hand side and very rarely gets used.
In the new house I'm having a bench top board in the linen cupboard beside the laundry (which I can also move to the study/sewing room) and a Robin Hood in my walk in robe.

This bathroom is very handy for the kids just out of the pool or a 'men's' toilet when we have a party.

This powder room is also downstairs. 'Ladies'
I love the Minosa Ovo basin but I think that the Sensor Tap was a waste of time/money.
I love these tiles & this is a missoni hand-towel gifted by a good friend of mine.

The curtains in our living area give it a really nice feel, and they change colour throughout the day in different light.
We are using the same flooring again. I think it's the bee's knees and my cleaner said today, "I've cleaned a shit load of houses and these are the best floors I've ever seen!" Thanks Danny!
 I did our handle schedule today and it took bloody ages... who would've thought it would take so long??
I really didn't want handles at all but as I mentioned... not practical with Timber Veneer (even though it looks great)
My desk looks tidy today, but you should've seen it the other day... Oh my gawd!

I wanted to share this image. I first saw it at Elements at home
It reminds me of our new house and the Sugarcube. 
It inspires me to add more greenery to our house.
 and I'm loving this kitchen!
Look at the Joinery... go Veneer!!
 We saw this amazing house in Perth
Clean, modern lines with an Organic Cut-out. Genius!
Another beautiful structure from www.contemporist.com
This one was in South-East Asia
Gosh, there are some talented people in this world!!

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 Be Happy & Be Kind :-)


  1. B, the laundry photos are for you! Sorry...My laundry is not very exciting.

  2. Thanks so much for posting those Jodie!!
    I'm gonna have to disagree. Your laundry is as exciting as one can be :)
    I love the undermount sink!!! So stylish! Is that a methven mixer?

    I love the Robin Hood in the walk in robe idea. Have you posted photos of your past/current walk ins before? Sorry I'm so nosey aren't I *shy*


  3. Thanks B... not sure about the mixer however, you've just reminded me that I haven't ordered one for the house!
    If I can get my walk-in robe looking presentable I shall post. We did Liquorish Linear Cabinetry in the Sugarcube and will do a walnut Laminex this time. We got a quote to do Veneer, but it was insane!

  4. Jodie, that timber veneer kitchen is a fav of mine. We are so in sync, I have scrapbooked that house , have you seen the rest if it? I have pics I can show you if you havn't , it's all Gorgeous!

  5. I haven't seen it yet Tinky, but would love to! Over a glass of chammy would be good:-) We are definitely on the same page!! X


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