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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella Roma

Rome is an incredible city.
There is art everywhere you look.
 There is a shortage of grass
however, there is no shortage of greenery
I'd do anything for a vertical garden like this
 The Pantheon has always been my favourite building in town.
There's something very magical about it.
Time stands still when I go there.
The Piazza (Della Rotunda) is incredible too.
Colourful, musical and surreal
Just around the corner is Sant Eustachio il Caffe
the best coffee in Roma... (trust me on this one)
 And just up the road is a great wine bar/restaurant
called Cibo.
The waiter there is a master at Sabrage!

 Ti amo Roma!

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  1. hello, im a roman girl living in australia, just wanted to tell you that you made me both..homesick and proud ! i miss my beautiful Roma terribly and im so glad you enjoed it ! btw..im building as well, hence the " connection!
    xoxo Laura

  2. And one insists on Italian language lessons for the children but really we need an Italian experience like this to be even better. Looking forward to our time there one day - but until then, I have your stories xx

  3. Awesome pics! Looks like it was one amazing holliday x

  4. Hello Laura! Lovely to 'meet' you! I bet you miss it! That was our 3rd visit and we love it more and more every time. Are you incorporating some Italian design ideas into your new home?

    Thanks Katie, I know what you mean. My children have been having Italian lessons for a few years and it wasn't til we went to Italy in 2007 that they realised what the importance was. After 7 weeks in Italy we had learnt so much. I'd really love to live in Italy for a year and totally immerse ourselves.

    Thank you Kirsten, it was such a great holiday. I had to keep pinching myself!! Especially now that we are home!
    J xx

  5. Ciao Jodie, im trying to keep a balance between the two countries building and decorating wise, not an easy task..especially considering the huge difference in cultures and materials! To be honest i'd never seen these " funny" timber frame before, as you probably know we build it all in reinforced concrete from scratch. I will compromise and eventually get there! I still have my house in Rome ( just above the Auditorium, Parioli )so once a year I go back to my roots, having said that your house it's beautiful and mostly " different"..I love it! xox Laura

  6. Hi Laura,
    Yes, the way we build is so different or 'particular' as the Italians say (I love that). My husband is Italian & he always jokes that one day he is going to build a house entirely of concrete & even concrete the backyard & paint it green!!
    Hang on to your house in Rome, it sounds like it's in a great spot.
    Thank you for your lovely comments. Jxx


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