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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grottos of Gargano

We discovered Grottos in 2007 along the Amalfi Coast, Italy.
We were so smitten with them, we sought them out on this trip.

The Grottos in Gargano (Puglia) were AMAZING!!!
I know I use that word a lot, but you will see what I mean
(and these photos don't do them justice)

Wandering through the streets of Vieste late one evening 
we met a very personable lad (our guide). 
The next day we set out by boat for the day to salute the mighty Grotto!
We loved the trip so much, we did it again 2 days later!

This is what a Grotto looks like from the outside
and yes, that IS a boat coming out of there!

The boat drivers squeezed into the tiniest of caves

Inside the Grotto it's incredibly peaceful

Swimming inside a grotto is one of the most
incredible things I've ever done.
You just don't want to leave....
It's hypnotic and addictive

 Eventually you have to go back out into the ocean

A. looks even more Italian than usual when he 
lands in Italy!

B. Collected Sea-glass from every beach in Italy & Croatia

This is a trabucco, which is an ancient fishing net 
particular to Gargano.

Ti amo Vieste!!!

All hail the friendly boat driver and guide!

There's a whole coastline (and many more Grottos)
to explore.  Next time we'll hire a boat.
I had a tear in my eye when we left Gargano & Puglia.

One of the best things about Gargano is the lack of tourists.
So don't tell anyone... it's our little secret, OK?!

I hope you're enjoying the trip so far :-)


Thanks for your comments. I love reading them!


  1. PS... If you look closely in one of the pictures (inside a grotto) you will see something that looks like Cherry tomatoes (on the waterline). They are actually a type of mollusc. If you see one... do not touch it!!!

  2. Complimenti, mi amore.


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