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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Sugarcube

The house we currently reside in was built by us and completed 3 years ago exactly (what a long time to stay in one house!!). When it started taking shape my mum came to visit & said, "It looks like a big sugarcube!" and VOILA, the house was named! Thanks Mum.
There will possibly be a few themes, colours & shapes being carried over to the new House. We are actually extremely happy with how this one all "came together" ;)
The corner block appealed to us when we bought the site. We also have city views and river glimpses. We are surrounded by a mixture of modern and old houses. No doubt our big white Sugarcube upset a few old school Queensland folk however, we had done our fair share of bringing life and love back into some very tired colonials & Queensland homes and felt like we had earned the right to 'scar' the street with a touch of modernism.  The little room beside the pathway is clad with Marble.  It took us months and months to decide on this. It was a risk but we love it! The entire colour scheme for the house was based on this marble. I carried a marble tile around with me everywhere. We have since seen it replicated on a few houses in the area and if the idea came from us I'm flattered!
The garage and the house are separated by a courtyard and pool area.
We love our living area!
This lovely marble wall is our TV area and fireplace. We've chosen an 'Oyster' caesarstone benchtop to compliment the marble.
This photo was taken shortly after moving in (hence the lack of furniture & signs of life). It was styled for a Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine shoot and the readers like to see the finishes & appliances rather than 'real kitchen stuff'.
The pop-down outdoor video projector is kind of extravagant but we just wanted to give it a go as we had the perfect space for it. The kids love snuggling up with us on the lounge outside with popcorn & hot chocolate and watching a movie. The courtyard transforms from drive-in to dance floor when an 80's music video just happens to appear on the wall!
Our backyard isn't massive though plenty big enough for a small spring-free trampoline and several kids playing soccer.
The courtyard pool wraps around the house in the form of a lap pool.
This is the kids bathroom. Very simple with a heated towel rail and a natural stone wall
We have used grey sheer curtains throughout the house (with recessed double tracks). I would definitely use these again. I LOVE grey. I find it a very calming colour. We will also continue to use this flooring which is Blackbutt panels (peeled from around the tree). We have used this type of flooring several times now for ourselves and spec. houses and even though it is more expensive than a standard timber floor it is absolutely divine.
Our ensuite with natural stone tiles and caesarstone benchtop. We love these ovo basins by minosa.. you'll be seeing those again too!
Apart from the bookshelf this area virtually never gets used! If I had my way it would've been a covered deck instead. Aha.... you shall see how far my nagging went when you see our huge deck in the new house :)


  1. Great home, I followed you via The glass house.....
    I hear you re people thinking you achieved your home by accident....I have heard that myself, a few times.
    Working hard to get your very own stylish abode is a lot of hard work, no accident.
    I am now following. K

  2. Thank You K! I love your blog and have already seen some great ideas on your last few posts, so thank you. I am new to the blogging world, so learning as I go. Thanks for following, I look forward to your feedback :) J

  3. Contemporary living at its best. Congratulations on a beautiful home. Love it.

  4. Those natural stone tiles in your ensuite are gorgeous!!! Are they limestone or something else? Would love to hear where you got them from and what exactly they are called :)


  5. The tiles are called 'Silver Pearl' from Marble Plus. I think they're a marble (I say that because they've been called Travertine, Limestone or Marble by different suppliers), but I think they're a marble :)
    They are very easy to care for. The batch we used in the Sugarcube was bleeding an oxide... which was fine by me but other people may reject. The latest batch is very light with no 'rust' & would look lovely in your house.

  6. Hi Jodie,
    Would you mind telling what colour your walls and kitchen cupboards are?

  7. Thanks Jodie :)

    Is "silver pearl" the standard name that most suppliers use? Or would I need to bring in a photo of what I'm after?

    PS. Have you ever done floor and all walls in the same tile before? What do you think of this look? Is it out, or was it never even in?


  8. Abigail,
    We paint our interior walls (including kitchen cabinets-2pac) in PPG 'Pegasus' and the overheads and under bench in the Sugarcube are PPG 'Phoenix Fossil' which is a darker version of Pegasus.
    For any other feature walls such as behind the TV we do in PPG 'Armory' which is a dark version of Pegasus & Phoenix Fossil.
    Hope this helps.

    B, I'm pretty sure it's always called 'Silver Pearl'.
    We absolutely love it!! The only reason we are not using it again is just to use something a little different.

    You could definitely do the same tile floors and walls, and Silver Pearl would be perfect for that as it's not too busy!

    We are doing a multi-grey honed tile on the floors in 3 of our bathrooms with Polished on the walls. Floor to Ceiling always looks the best and Natural Stone never dates!
    If you keep all of your cabinetry & fittings, etc. minimal you can't go wrong!

  9. Hi Josie,

    The Sugar Cube is gorgeous! I particularly love the grey sheer you have used in the master bedroom, is it the same sheer fabric and blockout throughout the house? The master seems to have an added depth that really makes it "pop".

    :-) Lauren

  10. Thank you for your lovely comments Lauren,
    The grey sheers are the same throughout the house (poly/cotton), and we have used a double track with a white block out curtain behind the grey. We are so happy with these that we are going to use the same curtains for the new house!
    J x

  11. stunning! i'm ready to move in. :O) i'd love to see your closets...

  12. Thank You Lisa! The closets are great. I just wish I had more amazing clothes to fill them with :)


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