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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


These are the lights I'm hoping to use in the Void above our dining table. They are very expensive.. but I think worth it! If I can just have one I will be happy. Lighting is one of the best ways to give a house the 'wow factor'

Allegro lighting collection by Atelier Oi for Foscarini
When hung in groups, the Allegro light collection by Atelier Oi makes a soft, magical sound.
ATELIER OI IS a Swiss design studio that works with brands including B&B Italia and Foscarini to produce residential and commercial architecture and interiors across Europe. The Allegro collection, designed for Italian lighting group Foscarini, includes Ritmico, Vivace and Assai. It is an elegant series of suspended lights that, when grouped together, oscillate with a soft, magical sound. This musicality has inspired the names, and the three versions in different sizes and colours can be personalized on request.

The Allegro collection will create a focal point in large public areas and smaller private spaces. The collection is now available from Space Furniture in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Allegro lighting collection by Atelier Oi for Foscarini by Space Furniture
A less expensive option, again from SPACE is the random Moooi light.  We have used these a few times already and love them. They are very light weight (epoxy & fiberglass), look like a cocoon and when slightly dimmed  glow like a moon.   We have always used the white Moooi however, I think the black might suit the new house better. I like them grouped at different heights in varying sizes.

Below is the Medium size above our entry. I know it looks small here, but it's actually a decent size.

While visiting hub in Surry Hills I found these gorgeous hand-blown Murano glass lights that would be perfect above our kitchen bench.  A & the kids & I went to Murano while we were in Venice a few years ago and saw a similar light being made. I love the fact that every light is different.  It's the little imperfections (the reason I love timber & natural stone) that create a unique result.  

Juxtapose perfect, shiny & symmetrical with organic, imperfect & off-center and you get the (yin & yang) piece de resistance of design! Getting the balance right is the challenge!


  1. Ok, so now we want a white Moooi Random for our stairwell... break it to me gently, how much? xx AJB

  2. Hi Amelia,
    You would love the Moooi light. Prices are around $650 for a Small (50.8cm) white ($750 for black), $1100 for a Medium (80cm) white ($1150 for black) and $2100 for a large (109.2cm) white ($2400 for black).
    I hope that's not too frightening.
    You can get replicas, however I have never seen a replica anywhere near as good as the original. The Original is made from a very fine resin and the replicas are made from string dipped in glue (!!)
    It's the resin that gives it the moon like glow.
    If you have the space for the medium I would recommend that size.
    Josie-jo. xo

  3. Thanks, now I've just gotta sell it to Hunter. I was actually thinking it might be more so that's a good thing!

  4. Excellent!! Good excuse for you to come and visit us to check it out anyway .x


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