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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, June 27, 2011

Benchtops, Landscaping and Curtains

Hi Everyone!
Phew........ what a whirlwind.
A lot has happened in the past few weeks. 
It's been insanely busy but we're getting through it.

We are moving in 2 weeks 
however not a lot of packing has been done as I've been working at the office every day.

The kids have gone to Sydney with mum and dad 
so we let our hair down on the weekend and went to a few outings
(did we ever!)

I'm sure you'll notice a few new things in this post....

We have landscaping
 ...and grass (thanks for your help Dad!)

Who said we didn't have a backyard?
 We also have pool coping which looks fantastic!
Remember this was my first 'definite' when I chose the tiles
and they go perfectly with the rock wall don't you think?
They are an Italian Porcelain
 There are 2 pool gates
 These are the side fins which you haven't seen yet.
They let the morning sun in and give us a little privacy.
 The Curtains were installed and they look beautiful.
They are a similar colour to the ones in the Sugarcube 
& change colour in different light (I think these ones are even nicer though). 
The linen in them makes them look a little imperfect 
(you know I love organic finishes).

The installer asked me why I didn't want automated curtains and blinds
and I said, "because I like to keep it real" :)
If I can't open and close my own curtains, there's something wrong.
The kitchen bench top went in too!
We've used 'Oyster' Caesar Stone again. 
I like it because it looks like Concrete (but is easier to maintain)
We also used it for the living area.
There's still timber veneer to go on all of these cupboards
and you can see the cut-out for the fireplace.
(the cabinetry has been soooo slow...
our clients' cabinetry always gets done in time but ours is always late.
I'm done with that, let me tell you!!)
 This is our sideboard (with 'Zeus' high-gloss 2 pac and Pietra Grey Marble bench
with a Shark nose edge (we wanted to bring some angles in from outside)
 We are looking for a nice big mirror to go above it... 

 The laundry bench is 'Walnut' Caesar Stone
and so is the bench top in our ensuite
The timber veneer is also called 'Walnut', and I really like it.

and here's the first coat of our 'Zeus' bedroom wall.
'Zeus' is the new black (I know... I'm a bit obsessed aren't I)

I know this is an epic post, but I've had so many people asking me for updates.
It's a nice excuse to get out of packing too :)

I hope you're all well.

Please leave your comments below... I LOVE reading them.


  1. Looking great, can't wait to see it furnished. ;-)

  2. WOW. WOW. WOW. It all looks absolutely wonderful Jodie. I loved all the photos that you've shared. I find your blog both inspirational and motivating! Congrats and good luck with the packing! x KL

  3. You and me both Jenny:)
    Thank you KL for your lovely comments. It's support like this that cheers me up when I'm having one of those stressful days. Xx

  4. I love your driveway. It looks huuuuge. Both long and wide.... And that palm tree... Ahhh.... Pool balustrade... HOT! I still can’t get over how amazing that staircase-marble-feature-wall looks!

    Are your kitchen benchtops 60mm or 80mm thick?


  5. Thanks B!
    Your house is looking fantastic!! It's really coming along! That curved floor/roof is divine!!
    Yes, I'm pretty smitten with that wall & staircase & very surprised to see how wide the driveway looks for a narrow block. The Mr can take the credit for that.
    We have 60mm benchtops in the kitchen and our ensuite & 40mm in the other areas. What are you using for yours?

  6. Hey Jodie, house is looking great! Great to see our Ovo washbasin is going to take pride of place in the bathroom. Looking forward to seeing the final product! Would love to get a few images for the blog and Facebook
    Drop me a email thru the blog sometime...good luck with the move
    Cheers, Darren

  7. Thanks Darren,
    We have 5 Ovo basins in the house. We love them!
    I'll get some photos to you when we're finished. We are very excited about moving, as stressful as it can be.
    Thanks for your interest in my blog.

  8. What an awesome project thanks for sharing I so can't wait to make some


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