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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweep the floor

The house looks so much better with the floor swept!

The floors are getting polished tomorrow.
This is a milestone!
 It's almost looking like a house now don't you think?

The Living Room wall is now 'Zeus'
It looks much better than it did white.
I can't wait til the plants go in outside the window.
 The cupboards will be walnut timber veneer with an 
Oyster Bench top (The Caesar Stone 'Oyster' is a concrete colour)

The eco-smart burner will drop into the returned bench top here
and the cupboard to the right will be a touch catch veneer door
(I always think that the cabinetry looks really blah at this stage, 
but I wanted to show you all stages of the process)
The kitchen looks tiny, 
but it might just be because the rest of the house looks big?

One of the Tradies said to me today,
"Geez... how many kids have you got?"
We are having a Smoked Glass Splashback and a 60mm Oyster Bench top.
The cut out in the island bench is for me to sit at!
The island bench becomes the hub of the home 
so we've allowed enough room for 2 stools on this side 
(and several on the other side... but we'll be conservative and have only 4 or 5)

 The powder room cabinetry is [yep, you guessed it], 'Zeus'
It will have a pietra grey marble bench to match the tiled wall
This house has Zeus inside and out,
It's the new black!

Our current house is called the 'Sugarcube' as it is a big white box.
Maybe we need to call this one ZEUS?!

Zeus was known as the 'Lord of the Sky, the Cloud- gatherer, 
the Rain-god and Zeus the Thunderer' so I guess it may be a fitting title for the house,
Afterall, it has rained and stormed constantly 
and flooded in Brisbane since we poured the slab!

We defy you Zeus!! 
In your face!



I love your comments. Keep them coming lovely peeps.


  1. It gets more incredible with every post Jodie.

    The stone is amazing.

  2. The Polishing stage always feels so exciting! Won't be long before you're stacking your stuff in those cabinets. Looks fabulous!

  3. 'Zeus' is looking fantastic, Jodie. Could you please e-mail me at mehegerty@gmail.com (I couldn't find a contact for you on here) - I have a little favour to ask.



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