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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, May 23, 2011

Full Speed Ahead!

I am definitely getting plenty of exercise with all of this house running around!

I can't remember the last time 
I just sat on the lounge and read a magazine...
I have so many that I've bought and not had time to read
We have just completed a renovation 
that we have been working on for a client for the past 9 months.
I looks great.

Meanwhile... at the house
It's changing by the hour!

The Cabinetry is arriving by the truckload.
Our hallway cupboards went in 
and I made an executive decision to ditch the handles 
and use touch catches instead. 
Our Wardrobe arrived too. 
It's made out of a Walnut Laminex 
(as it was almost double the price to do it in the veneer 
we are using in the kitchen and bathrooms)

The shutters were also installed to the side of the house.
These are movable shutters on a sliding frame.
The Wall is finished and the Stonemason is grouting now 
and will start on the driveway today.
It looks sooooo good!

They got half way through the grouting, 
then in true Queensland fashion the rain came down! 
I swear there was a cup of water in every raindrop!
The sky is blue at the moment, so hopefully it will stay that way :)

Got to Run... we are moving office today
(just because we have nothing else to do ;)


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  1. Looking beautiful, Jodie! Absolutely love the stone wall - have had an image in my head of this for a while, and now will have the perfect photograph to show Husband and convince him that we need one!

  2. Good luck with the office move Jodie :)

    Can't wait to see all the cabinetry go in :)

    We are having the same panel door as the house you've just finished renovating :)


  3. M... keep working on the Mr. I think I eventually wore mine down ;)

    I was actually thinking of you when I posted the picture of that house B!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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