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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's all happening!

Everyone was at the house today...
painters, electricians, tilers, bobcats, cabinet makers.

I must admit, my head is starting to spin now
(and that's not from the Pomegranate and Lemongrass Martini)

I've been talking to Curtain Makers & Stonemasons, 
Cabinet Makers & Landscape Gardeners....etc, etc.

I'm starting to feel very excited that it's all progressing,
but overwhelmed by the thought of finishing the house,
packing, moving (plus moving our office) and planning our trip 
and a 40th Birthday in the next 3 months. 
It's going to be a busy 3 months.... to say the least

The driveway will go in soon
No, that black plastic is not our curtains
 The floor looks good and everyone is respecting my 'Socks Only' Rule
The powder room is looking nice and dark
I think it will need an ornate mirror of some sort (and a pendant light)
The benchtop is going to be Pietra Grey Marble the same as the tiles
 I'm still besotted with the Marble Wall.
Look at that nice afternoon sunlight.
 This is looking down the very long hallway to our room
This is the kids' bathroom
Recessed Mirrored Shaving Cupboards 
& Walnut Veneer drawers under bench
 Multi-Grey Marble tiles in our ensuite
(which are looking very nice indeed)
 Our tiler is very, very slow.... 
but does an incredible job and is the marble master!
 The Laundry wall tiles are so perfectly laid that they don't look like tiles!
 We have light switches too!
I even managed to squeeze in a Mother's Day High Tea today
I whipped up these yummy salmon pastries 
(which would've tasted even better with a glass of Champagne!)
One of the other mums made these mini lemon meringue pies
which tasted as good as they looked
We were treated to a beautiful rendition of 
'Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows'.
R. is at such a gorgeous age 
(and thinks I am "beautiful" even when I look like I haven't slept)

 Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Well you know what they say....ask a busy person to get the job done! You fit that category very neatly!

    It's looking quite amazing ~ love that staircase ~ keep posting images so that we can see all the (now rapid) progress.

  2. Your tiles are breath taking!!!

    Are they 600x600?


  3. Thank You girls!
    Yes, the staircase is great. I love it every time I look at it!

    The tiles are 600x600 and we are very happy with them. I wish I'd used more of the polished now. We should've just done the whole bathroom in them... Oh well...

  4. Jodie

    Do you mind me asking how you decided to use different tiles in the ensuite and laundry/other bathrooms? Does the bathroom with darker tiles get more light in than the one with lighter tiles?

    Also, will all your laundry walls be tiled floor to ceiling as well?


  5. Hi B,
    We are not tiling behind cabinetry, but apart from that there are tiles from floor to ceiling. Our downstairs powder room has the darkest tiles and it has no window or skylight. I like a powder room to be dark. I don't really think about the light issue to be honest, I just pick a tile I love and run with it!

    I actually prefer to use dark tiles in a dark bathroom and lighter tiles in a bathroom with lots of natural light. I don't like being in a light bathroom all lit up like a refrigerator... but that's just me.
    I don't really follow rules at all and try not to over think it. Go with you gut instinct every time and don't be afraid.
    Every house we build has something in it that I regret choosing, but that's part of the journey.

  6. Do you have a floor drain in all your wet areas? Other than the one in shower?

    I've been told that it would be impossible to lay 600x600 tiles on the floor without cutting the tiles into smaller segments around the drain (in order to creTe the correct fall etc).

    Did your Tiler had to cut tiles to create the fall?


  7. Hi B,
    We don't have a floor drain apart from the shower grate. The rules vary from state to state. In QLD it is not required. I wouldn't shape the tiles, just get the tiler to cut out the drain. Your shower will have fall anyway.

    Not sure what happened to my response re. tiles (it seems to have disappeared). I don't really follow rules when it comes to tiles & light, although I prefer a powder room to be dark. I'd rather use light tiles in a naturally well-lit room as it can look too cold if you have light tiles in an artificially lit room.

    Our laundry and all bathrooms have floor to ceiling tiles.
    I think when it comes to tiles... don't overthink it, just use the tile you fall in love with.

  8. Lucky you. We've got a shower grate and a grate/drain in the middle of the bathroom :(

  9. You won't notice it once the rest of your lovely bathroom goes in:)

  10. Awww. Thank you Jodie :)

    Would you choose 600 x 600 tiles with the ones around the drain cut into smaller segments to create the fall in the centre of the bathroom, over uncut 300x300 or 300x600 tiles?

  11. You're welcome B.
    I always try to get 600x600 tiles if I can, but if you don't want them cut, the other sizes would be fine too. Have your tiler lay the tiles as close as possible to minimise grout (which is easier to keep clean and looks more modern). I'm assuming your tiles are rectified & vitrified porcelain?

  12. You have a busy few months ahead, it all sounds amazing! The house looks great! Love your blog, now following!

  13. Thank You Miss Walker! The best thing about you following me is that I found YOUR blog. I love it!!!


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