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After we've completed a house, it's amazing how many people say "Isn't it great how it all came together!"... as if by accident. This is a very small look into how it all "comes together".

Monday, May 16, 2011

I love Progress!

I have lots to report!!
The big news is that the Stonemason started today!
I'm so excited about having a rock wall (post to follow this one)

I also made a decision about the Curtains today and they'll be ready in a few weeks!
We now have....

A 'Zeus' wall
I know, it's very dark!
This is taken from the (South side) neighbour's/client's house
(luckily they like it too)
We also have movable shutters for the BarBQ area (South side)
...and sliding doors!
 I think they look good!
 They'll stack back into the wall 
(along with the double track curtains)
We are still trying to decide how to do the Balustrade.
My request is that it's glass and as minimal as possible.
The beauty about being the builder is that 
we can decide these sorts of things as we go (I never take that for granted).

The tiler is on the home straight!
He's been there for weeks! 
Our ensuite is almost done.
We ended up with a "freakishly light batch"
of Cascade Grey (more like Cascade Cream if you ask me!).
I was a little disappointed when I first saw it, 
(OK... perhaps kind of devastated!!!)
but it's growing on me.

Our laundry is the first cabinetry to go in.
I swear the laundry looks bigger in real life!
The upstairs floors have been laid 
(but won't be polished until the tilers have finished)
You know how nervous this makes me!
This is the bath for the kids' bathroom 
(like all of us...waiting patiently for the tilers to finish)
 .... but this was the sight that really made my heart sing
The stonemason is going to turn this Howqua 
into a beautiful rock wall for the pool!

It will look something like this
It was a nice day to be working outside 
I LOVE a rock wall!
The Driveway is getting poured tomorrow
and the stonemason will then lay a 
Porphiry Crazy Pave Driveway
The house is very modern with straight lines 
so I felt that it needed a bit of a contrast for the front and back areas.
I hope it works!

I hope your day was sunny and happy too!

Thank You for leaving your comments. 
I love reading them.


  1. Oh Jodie. That is so exciting!!! You will be moving in, in no time!!!

    Re: Balustrade
    What about insert frameless? Something like this?
    Or this:

    I love your driveway!!!! What sort of driveways have you gone with in the past and what is your opinion on the different finishes?

    Loving your laundry. Are those pull out hampers I see? What material is the cabinetry made out of?

    Hope you are having an amazing week!


  2. Thank You B, You're a gem! The first balustrade is exactly what I was thinking!!
    What are you having on your staircase?

    The Laundry is 2 pac in 'Pegasus' and we'll have a caesar stone benchtop (yet to decide on colour).

    The Crazy Pave is new for us, so I hope it looks good. I think it's just what we need. At the moment we have an exposed aggregate driveway in a salt and pepper colour and have been very happy with it.
    We have also tiled before which looked great but was very expensive and slippery on a slope! We are tiling the neighbour's driveway in a charcoal tile.

    Paving would probably suit your driveway. Something nice and simple & neutral would work so it doesn't take away from your great brickwork.

  3. Hi Jodie
    I have just 'discovered' your Blog and have literally devoured it! LOVE the concept of contrasting the crazy-pave with the structured house design. KL

  4. Thank you KL,
    What a lovely compliment. I'm looking forward to seeing the Crazy Pave too. Thanks so much for following me.

  5. Love your blog KL. Is that your house on the top right of the screen? WOW!!! Now following your blog too!
    My niece & nephew go to Copacabana Primary School!

  6. We are also going for inset glass but with timber posts and timber balustrade.

    I like the look of paving. We were thinking of exposed aggregate but I guess that would clash with our traditional facade.

    Can wait for your new post :)


  7. That staircase is getting even better with every image you post of it. Love it.

    And stones...ah yes, always so wonderful to bring in an element of organic randomness. Looking great, the whole lot.

    BTW, am jealous of that laundry. Mine is a construction site.

  8. B, the exposed Ag. would be relatively neutral. Or what about a Charcoal tile to compliment your dark accents?
    The timber and glass balustrade works well. We have it in the Sugarcube.

    Blue Fruit, thanks for your comments & I'm always chuffed when someone creative gets my reasoning (re.stones).... so thanks!


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